Thanks to the podcast and Ausha, Libération recruits new readers and builds subscriber loyalty.

Thanks to the podcast and Ausha, Libération recruits new readers and builds subscriber loyalty., the first native podcast hosting and distribution platform in France, supports Libération in its podcast development strategy.

The choice of the podcast format is part of an original and unique strategy for the deployment of the Libération news media brand. Three podcast programmes, each with its own recruitment and distribution strategy, illustrate Libération’s desire to expose itself on new platforms in order to increase the number of meeting points with its audience (paid and unpaid subscribers).

« ​Podcasting is part of our strategy to broaden our audience and increase the visibility of our brand. To achieve this, being present as an information media brand on external listening platforms is essential. Ausha’s solution gives us a great deal of freedom to shape our audio material and deliver it in a variety of angles and formats. ​»

Régis Verbiguié, Digital Director at Libération

Three listening modes for three iconic programmes 

The three podcast programmes differ in their type of format and distribution: the first is reserved for subscribers behind a payment portal, another open to the general public as an acquisition tool, and the last in an ephemeral capsule sticking to the news as a tool for interaction.

● Le Grand Entretien de Laurent Joffrin is a monthly rendez-vous that Libération offers its subscribers as a podcast, in the form of exclusive interviews with a guest. This 50-minute interview provides an in-depth look at a political and societal theme.

● Do you have a question? (fact checking) a podcast in short format (5 to 7 minutes) offered by the newspaper each week. It unveils the behind-the-scenes of the CheckNews service’s survey based on questions asked by the public to better understand current events.

Now what do we do? the latest issue of the newsletter (3-4 minute format) that gives readers the floor with audio testimonials about their daily lives during the COVID-19 crisis. This podcast, more in interaction with Libération’s Internet users, aims to make people think, give solutions and comfort them to live better in these peculiar times.

“Beyond being additional content for our newspaper subscribers, the podcast is above all an acquisition tool to reach and recruit a new audience. For example, we’ve created podcast teasers for subscribers only, and we’ve distributed them on listening platforms such as Apple Podcast or Spotify: we were the first to be surprised at the rate of transformation.

Ausha also helps us to better understand listening behavior through advanced statistics. We can thus be reactive and make formats evolve.” says Aurore Bergmann, Product Director at Libération.

Ausha’s solutions support teams in their test & learning phase

It is the functionalities offered by Ausha that convinced the teams: the customization of the audio player allows it to be easily integrated into the Liberation’s graphic universe and the possibility of broadcasting in private (behind a specific url) is crucial for managing paid content.

In addition, the platform is so easy to use that journalists can manage their own content without any prior training. This ease of use allows journalists to make a serene conversion to podcasting, marking an evolution in their profession: learning how to write for the spoken word and how to use their voice.

About Ausha

Ausha was launched in October 2018 by the iCreo Group, a specialist in digital audio. Today, it is the first platform dedicated to the hosting and distribution of podcasts in France. The platform’s customers include independent professionals as well as media such as the daily newspaper Libération and major accounts such as EDF, AXA, BNP Paribas and Décathlon. Created by Maxime Piquette and Charles de Potter, the iCreo group is also at the origin of RadioKing, the 1st French platform for online radio creation:​


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